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The Missouri Honor Medal

About the Honor Medal

The Missouri School of Journalism has awarded its Missouri Honor Medal for Distinguished Service in Journalism since 1930.

Medalists are selected by the faculty of the School on the basis of lifetime or superior achievement, for distinguished service performed in such lines of journalistic endeavor as shall be selected each year for consideration.

The annual awards shall not be restricted necessarily to any particular forms of journalistic service, nor will there be, necessarily, any designated number voted annually by the School. The award, or Medal of Honor, in each instance shall consist of a bronze medal, uniform in size, of appropriate design, and suitably inscribed with the recipient’s name.

Awards shall be made only to those persons who, upon invitation, are present in person to receive them, or in the case of newspapers, periodicals, radio and television stations or other organizational entities, when such are represented in person by an official representative.

Notable Recipients

The Missouri School of Journalism has also awarded the Missouri Honor Medal for Distinguished Service in Journalism to outstanding journalists, advertising and public relations practitioners, business people, institutions and media organizations from around the world. Among them are Tom Brokaw, Christiane Amanpour, Walter Cronkite, Sir Winston Churchill, Gloria Steinem, George Gallup, Deborah Howell, David Granger and Gordon Parks.

Winston S. Churchill, British statesman and former reporter — 1960

Walter Cronkite, CBS News anchor — 1964

George Gallup, public opinion pioneer and founder of Gallup, Inc. — 1951

Gloria Steinem, writer, editor and activist — 2004

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